Own the photo

Sometimes I use images from various sources, but most times, I use photos that I have taken as inspiration for the words.

Sometimes I get lucky and capture a great photo that readers have asked to purchase. The best of the blog photos can be found at www.BarrySteinPhoto.com

Please email me at Barry@BarryCreative.com and describe which photo you would like to acquire.

We can discuss price and what size or format you need and whether or not the file is small enough to send through email or if we need to send the image to you on disc or drive, thru Fedex, UPS or the USPS.

One thought on “Own the photo

  1. Hi Barry, Your are doing marvelous work and doing a wonderful service for the homeless. I am not surprised you literally stumble upon the great unfortunate of our country everyone wants to help-yet act helpless helping. When I was clicking the shutter daily-some 35-40 years past, I also was astonished with the size of the homeless population. In fact, I live in fear of those shadows overtaking me nearly everyday. I admire what you are doing and wish I could sit across a sidewalk cafe table with you once a month to share our experiences. We are on the other side of life’s curve now. It happened. BTW, I read your most current blog. The “unfortunate and mysterious” yellow line protruding from the balloonist’s leg is a spare balloon or supply chain if you will. waiting to be twisted and molded into a animal like shape. Look for the orange Home Depot pail sneaking out towards the rear of his right leg.

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