A long time ago in a place far, far away, my most excellent friend Katy said to me, “Barry, so many words, so many pictures, you should start incorporating your pictures and words into videos or slide shows so we can get in and out of your blog faster.”

During a visit to Chicago I had a chance to walk the streets and snap some folks. Please enjoy my first slide show from a selection of street scenes taken walking around on a Monday. I shot lots of great buildings and did the 360° tourist thing on the top of the Hancock Building.

The most significant repeated image was of the homeless; at least where I was walking they were there. And of course I was very interested in the typography on all their signs. How do they know when to use all caps for a title? Or even the use of decorative fonts… or even humor when soliciting funds seem to be a frequently occurring theme.

Anyway…take a peek and please tell me what you think.

Press play and make it full screen. Thanks Katy!

And my most excellent friend Laurie requested the individual photos so she can dine on them at her own delicious leisure. Here ya go Laurie.























4 thoughts on “CLARK RANDOLPH

  1. Barry, I could not get this to load on WordPress, but I clicked on the “48 Chicago Hour” heading on the video image above and it took me to YouTube where it worked great! I enjoyed the images, especially the candid shots of people doing what they do. For me, I enjoy the still images best, simply because it allows more time to take in every aspect of the photo. I could not take in what the signs said and note body language, facial expression or take in the peripheral detail of the photos in video format, when I can linger with stills and truly enjoy the image. I understand people wanting “in and out” faster because in this day and age, that is so much of our lives. We move through everything so fast. I realize through this experiment with video, that there are some things I’m not willing to rush through. Your photography is to be viewed as people peruse fine art in a museum, or enjoyed like a scrumptious meal served European style. That’s just my humble opinion. 🙂

  2. Barry,

    Beyond words, but a few from Anais Nin “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are.” I found myself going back through the video and thinking about what caught my attention – and why. Wonderful, I hope others can see and learn about Chicago and themselves to see what they may not have understood or were aware of until you gave them the cameras eye to the soul.Thank you, Barry and Littlesundog, I will have a scrumptious European style lunch today.

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