What a strange weekend of odd photo captures. I was so busy traveling between places and seeing people, that I got more of a collection of glimpses, than any actual theme or album of photos. We visited my sister who was staying at the Vinoy in St. Petersburg and I captured moisture. I captured it on the side of the cool glass of wine and falling from the poolside fountain.



I captured more moisture inside the wonderful village of Dunedin by a lonely fountain outside a French gift shop.


I captured a cool breeze from the ceiling fan overhead, a baby napping in a curled up leaf… and a tree listening. I whispered to the listening tree, “If a person falls alone in a village does it make a sound?” There was no response from the tree… at least none that I could hear.




We stopped at a Freedom Festival and found nothing outstanding besides one lone weed blowing in the wind.


And just as the weekend ended, with the thought that nothing super magical was going to happen, we came across a child being punished. We called child protective services. We called the police to do a drive by to check the welfare of the child. We discussed the horrible punishment and how this child might be the one to crack and get his parents back by doing something terrible and harmful.

Then I realized this poor boy was actually shamed  like those dogs on the internet.


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