A long time ago, in a place far, far away, I would adore dressing up my beautiful little daughters and taking them out on secret Saturday morning missions. I would spend my work week searching for special places to take them and creating almost unbearable excitement around ordinary destinations. “Where are we going today daddy?” they would say. And on frequent occasions I would reply, “today we’re going to the magic bench.”

Such joy I would take in dressing their little doll bodies with mismatched socks and layers of pink striped stretch pants under dazzling polka dot dresses with defiant colored tops safely wrapped within soft warm hoodies and gentle jackets. All around the city I had mapped out magic benches for us to drive to, hike to, walk to and on the way I would invent extraordinary stories about the magical powers bestowed on those that intentionally take a load off. By the time we would arrive at these special seats, the routine act of plopping down had been transformed to a spectacular adventure.

These days, we all often pass a meaningless bench or brick wall suitable for sitting or standing near for a smoke, and never realize the importance that street furniture plays in people’s lives. To some it’s a resting stop for a confidential call with high expression. For others it’s home, a bed and a meeting place for friends. And for others still, maybe a potential location for an engagement where the question will be popped on one knee. Even less thought about is how much life actually happens while just sitting. Almost anyone can turn a cherished chair into something extraordinary.



Can you imagine? The first thing we teach the extension of ourselves, our prize possessions, our pups, is to sit! Be it in a bag or a baby stroller, holding on haunches  becomes their preferred mode of travel.




More traditionally, the stroller still caters to seated babies unless a plush parent’s arm is handy.



Some seniors make hats out of balloons so when they do their sitting they can feel light-headed.


Resourceful resters can turn any curb into a seat. And who among us ever resisted the joy of learning to ride two wheels while seated? Regardless of age or style, if we’re still able to steer, we do.




Some people can no longer balance on two wheels and they conduct their sitting on three or four wheels.





For some, the throne that one rocks and rolls on, is so worshiped that they must capture it for the family photo album.







And for others still… it’s not enough, to just rumble one’s rump or breeze through the wind while eating bugs at high speeds, we need to straddle the lightening and exhaust the thunder louder than any other.


Soon enough the push’n on a cushion becomes so natural that almost any seat will feel like home.



In our honored leather seat biker culture, taking a stand on what colors you wear or who belongs to who, commands respect and sets the rules.







Those with the largest seating area become hip to the law. This lovely lady is signing a petition to legalize the use of a natural herb that makes just sitting around at home more fun than anyone can ever imagine.


At the end of this fanny festival my camera was loaded with images and my mind was throbbing with thought. I turned the corner where my car was parked and saw a young dad sitting on a bench with his son. I had one more shot left in the camera and tried to capture the super powers from the magic bench they were on.


After I wrote this blog I learned of  a club that helps abused children to restore their courage, and wanted to share it.

10 thoughts on “THE MAGIC BENCH

  1. Aaaww! Lovely story about your daugthers’ adventures with you, Barry. Isn’t better for dogs to do excersice instead of being carried in baby strollers or bags? Why do they call it medical marijuana? It’s better to be sincere and name the petitions “marijuana for fun” (It’s the same story in my country).
    Kind greetings,

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