Once upon a time there was an epidemic throughout the village. Nasty bugs called Chaviva Locas were suddenly seen everywhere and began biting people. Oddly the symptoms from the bite were never recognized because they resembled so many other ordinary symptoms attributed to a painful life.

No one thought to consider the bite the reason that robbed their bliss. The venom from the bug reduced the body’s ability to absorb nutrients from the food the folks ate… so everyone started to manifest symptoms of malnutrition.


Some folks were always  hungry and ate everything and anything, to excess, no matter how healthy or unhealthy it was, in an effort to gain energy or feel better. Some folks became irritable and overly sensitive. Others became weak and confused and walked through their life as if they were in a fog.

In an effort to fix the symptoms, antidepressants were prescribed in record quantities. In an effort to wake up they drank coffee or liquor to calm down. The village people did all kinds of things and took all kinds of drugs to feel better but they never, not even once thought it all could be the result of a bug bite.

People wandered all around the village keeping their symptoms a secret thinking they were the only ones feeling them. Some felt discomfort from being seen so they hid behind dark sunglasses. Feeling anxious and paranoid, they insulated themselves in reaction to the Chaviva Loca bite, by growing their hair long like rock stars.

Only they were not rock stars nor did they have the need to accessorize. They just felt horribly uncomfortable with their appearance and for some mysterious reason began to withdraw.  They blamed everything in their life and everyone whoever wronged them, for their behavior and their predicaments… but never considered their state to be a result of an insect bite.


Lack of energy and irritability led to countless divorces which led to endless depression and anxiety throughout family members’ lives for generations. Undernourished souls wandered the streets under an invisible dark cloud, feeling needlessly offended and frequently offending others. Everyone began making everyone else feel bad which made everyone in the village try to do things to make themselves feel better.

Puppies, kitties and birds were adopted in droves as unnecessarily lonely people attempted to fill the voids of their vitamin deficient lives with unconditional love granted by helpless pets. The inhabitants of the village had lost their grip on their moods and emotions and desperately groped for some kind of control.

Neighbors built unusually high fences around their property. People started writing their names on all their possessions to mark their territory. Everyone stopped calling each other as well as answering the phone because they just didn’t feel like talking.


Everyone in the village reacted differently to their bad feeling. No one…not one person ever suspected that their cells were depleted, their physical systems were failing, their brain chemistry was misfiring and they were sleep deprived all as a result of the bug bite. They just kept on living trying to do things that made them feel better… without ever considering the true source of their sorrow.

Some couples thought the cure was to sell everything they owned and hit the road and be free of the burdens that weighed them down. They sold everything and hung out on legless seats glued to pick up truck tailgates. They thought being free would make them feel better but after purging all possessions, they still felt horrible and had nothing to show for it.

Everyone felt bad and frantically tried to do everything they could to feel better which ultimately made them feel worse.


Most folks turned to food in an attempt to feel better. Obesity became rampant in the village as the inhabitants bodies started to morph into the most unattractive disproportionate shapes. Soon there was a shortage of big belly Hawaii shirts for men in the village shops and the puffier women turned to pregnancy wear to cover their growing rounds, mounds and bulges.

Out of control, the obese did what they could to impose some sort of will on themselves. Despite their expanding waistlines, the chubby crowd kept their hair neat and their shoes shined. The women applied lipstick and eye make-up as if their skin sacks were unseen by sad crowds that surrounded them.

Everyone zoned out to TV at night or abused substances till they could no longer stay awake, passing out with the hopes that the next day would be better; but it never was. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months and months to years as sad hopeless souls got used to feeling bad thinking this was their normal.


Every once in a while someone would discover something that seemed to make the villagers feel better. A sparkle of glee could be felt for a fleeting moment by smoking a cigarette, pulling the arm of a slot machine or tapping the keys on a miniature Barbie piano.

Though playing with dolls and doll toys resurrected the joy of youth way before the bug bites, it was the cigarettes that really caught on. For those seven minutes that each of them inhaled the poisonous smoke, they believed their discomfort was relieved. Seven minutes of immediate relief in exchange for a lifetime of poison in their bodies long-term.

And all because no one thought to look at how undernourished their cells were.


The animals knew what was going on but they were making out like bandits.

With people adopting pets like crazy in an effort feel better… it was like a humane society field day! Only some folks were allergic to their pets which made them feel worse or some adopted so many pets that the good feeling originally gotten from first adopting them was offset by the exhaustion caused by maintaining the menagerie.

Feeling bad led to spending lots of money on unnecessary shopping to feel better which led to feeling worse as poverty enveloped the community.


The birds knew too. They liked being adopted by all the sad people but didn’t like how the sad people kept them in cages, not realizing it was all the control they had. The birds tried to tell the people but all the birds could do was whistle. Sometimes the people would whistle and would feel a little elated, but too soon after they would remember all the reasons they had to feel bad as a result of all the excessive wrong things they did to try to feel good.


Some of the talking parrots would shout out “Lime! Lime!” but by now the people of the town were so disoriented and undernourished that when a green bird shouted “Lime”… they could only think color or fruit. No one ever thought it could be a bug that broke their digestive system which was directly and indirectly the cause of all the hardships in their life.


Some of the red birds would eat cherries and the orange birds would only eat carrots. By now the people were all upside down and backwards and thought that the bird was orange because it only ate carrots. Never thinking that it loved to sing because it was well fed.


As nature began balancing itself out, Magenta Roses started popping up everywhere. People enjoyed the color of them and the smell but never thought to look toward nature as the cause of their pain much less the possible cure.

These magnificent roses contained concentrated levels of vitamins and nutrients and when rubbed into the skin would deliver the necessary nutrition needed to make the town’s people whole again. Eventually someone would admire the flower so passionately that the nutrients could enter their body a different way and would ultimately restore their health.

Eventually, those lucky naturalists who absorbed the concentrated vitamins and minerals became better and proceeded to evangelize their success to all who would listen. Unfortunately too many people were too far gone and had too much evidence that their wrong doing was the cause for all their woes.

If they only considered a deeper earlier possibility… perhaps they could recover and put the Chaviva Loca behind them.


G'head. Say it.

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