Does anyone ever stop to ask, “Who are these creatures? Where did they come from? Why do we love them so much?” or do we just go to the next day as if they have always been here. Beautiful or not so. Brilliant or not so. Full of disease or not so… these beings will lay by your feet unconditionally regardless of how you look, how smart you are or how healthy you might be.

I woke up this morning, from a deep sleep, to the sound of my dog licking herself and biting herself, or so I thought. It turns out that the sound of everything dripping outside after a rainstorm sounds exactly like a dog licking and biting itself. These creatures will endure us yelling at them for all kinds of reasons that have nothing to do with them.

We lose our minds, become bonded to them and begin thinking about them with such consideration that we think it would be a nice idea to take them to the beach this weekend. Yeah, let’s pack up some food and drinks and folding chairs. Lets take some blankets and bowls of water and umbrellas to shade us and take the dog to the beach . Yeah… she’ll like that.


So matter of fact, let’s take our huge shiny immaculate Doberman to the beach. “Mom, we’re going to the beach today and we’re taking the puppy. We may not be models but we’re built for comfort not speed… put on your bathing suit and let’s go.”


The really insane part of this whole experience is how the dogs actually take to it without hesitation. Some stay with their people obediently on the blanket. While others socialize with other dogs who they’ve never met and play like children. “Throw the ball into the water…throw the ball…”


“Honey, let’s pack up the baby and pit bull and head to the beach… it looks like it’ll be a nice day today…”


“Does Priscilla want to go to the beach with Daddy today? We’ll hang out, just you and me. You’d like that wouldn’t you?”


It’s as if it’s all perfectly normal. Tons of half-naked people, tons of completely naked dogs, of every size, every temperament and everyone socializing and playing together so wonderfully and so mysteriously.


“Honey… the dog’s fine… let’s you and me go take a dip.”


It’s an amazing bond that’s hard to describe. Dog with ball and man with ball thrower, walking in step, at the same pace, of one mind without words.








They’re hairy, smelly, dirty, they have bad breath. They shed, they get their hair over your clothes and furniture, they bring in fleas that bite you and make you itch, they have accidents, they eat the remote control to your LaZBoy rocking recliner with heat and 12 massaging speeds.

They eat your sharpies and drip ink on your rug. They scratch at the door and get into your garbage leaving it strewn all around. They’re happy to see you when you get home and always greet you when you wake up. When you’re happy they’re happy. When you’re sad, they sit by your side. They look at you with such adoration because nothing in this world matters more to them than you.

Then the sun starts to set and it’s time to go home. Time to get that filthy beast who will be biting and licking itself all night long, into the car. The sun begins to set behind you as you walk off the beach. You look up and see a yellow house catch the sun as it glows like a hot lemon colored briquet between the wet blue sky and the dry green water.


6 thoughts on “FORT DOGSOTO BARK

  1. I love all of these bright and happy photos! How wonderful to see people bonding with their dogs and everyone looking so happy! What a lovely post to start my day with (with morning coffee)! It’s cold and wintery here in Oklahoma this morning (we’re breaking records for cold and freezing temps for May) and this post really warmed my soul!

    • Hi Lori… Glad you enjoyed the sun and the fun. I’ve had the privilege of attending many mass dog events and it’s a phenomena when boundaries between species dissolve and all beings frolic together almost as equals. Sending you warm thoughts from the Sunshine State.

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