It was about 8:45 am on a Saturday morning and I had found the legendary Italian Market that everyone was talking about. It didn’t open till 9am so I had some time to wander around while the sun was low in the sky. The building was surrounded by statues to give that Roman Garden feel and I snapped away like a tourist.

I can’t explain the blankness of my mind when I see sun splash on a statue’s face. I just feel lucky I have the gear to hold onto it. All week long, I too was looking up at the sun and letting it shine on my face appreciating its bright warmth.


I’d turn the corner and there was another one up against the wall. Some sort of princess I suppose with feather-like flames surrounding the top of her head and a beautiful pendant resting perfectly centered between her bosoms. Who was she?


I turned another corner and a sensuous woman was stretching out her arms in a seductive pose. A woman stretches and smiles and a man freezes and drools.


And then there was Brody. I think he’s about 2 or 3 years old these days. His whole life he has always had Sammy, a gigantic golden retriever by his side. But last week, Sammy died. Brody has never known what it’s like to be without Sammy. I caught him, still in shock, sadly looking out the window panel of his front door, waiting for his big brother to come back.


The sun was setting late on Sunday when I pulled over to respect its drop. I walked along the shore and admired all the boulders in the bay.

There was this one craggy rock positioned perfectly aimed to the angle of the setting sun. I imagined a jewelry maker wanting to display her art differently from all others would rest a beautiful necklace on the shoulders of this stone so the gems and silver would twinkle and shine.


Unexpectedly a Pelican flew by, emptying my mind once again of everything but that simple beautiful image.


6 thoughts on “TWINKLE AND SHINE

  1. The photo of Brody is my favourite. I’m so sorry to read about the loss of Sammy., it moved me to tears. I once had two dogs and when the older one died, the younger one never got over it. Heartbreaking!

  2. Really beautiful photos, Barry. I love when there is jewelry on the beach; it reminds me of that wonderful post of yours that drew me in and made me follow you. The picture of Brody is heartbreaking. We had dogs pass within three weeks of each other, and it was pretty brutal. The last photo is a lovely ending.

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