The muzzled dog was just minding his own business when he overheard what the queen was thinking. She had walked by in a preoccupied state, scheming to retaliate against the horrible spell put on her by the evil king. She thought, ” I will just take his spell and send it back to him. I must find a magic black candle and do back to him what he is trying to do to me.”


Another dog was alerted to the potential harm of this horrible plan. The little white dog started to shiver in his carriage as he knew about the ripple effect. He knew that sending the spell back at the evil king would somehow harm everyone in some unexpected way.

He was most concerned with the princess that was visiting with the evil king. The dog thought, “If she sends his spell right back to him, perhaps he will be justifiably hurt, but maybe the innocent princess could be harmed as well just by being in the king’s vicinity.”


The little mutt heard the other dogs worrying and just buried her head in her person’s shoulder. “Why can’t we all just get along?” she thought.

“If the king’s spell is ignored it will have no power and just dissolve. If the queen was to find the black magic candle and put it up against the mirror and cast his spell back to him, some unknown tragedy will touch all of us… even the queen herself! That’s how magic works. Sending evil out touches us all.”


The deep dark purple eggplants could feel the tension in the universe and it made their fluorescent green stems curl at the tips.


The red strawberries started to blush at the potential harm that would touch all the fruits and vegetables. “She should just let it go and turn it into dust.” Said the brightest berry.


“Mmmmm. I love the evil that’s about to unfold if she buys the candle and sends the spell back to him.” said the red devil cactus.


Frozen in the trees among the black ravens stood the demon of retaliation. “Yes, yes. Buy the black candle, send the spell back to him, the more anger and harm in the universe the better. If she does it, maybe I can once again move invisibly among them and do some damage.”


The gulf cried out, “Don’t do it. If you find the black candle and light it in front of a mirror, all things that reflect light will be affected. Do not feed this evil energy any more than it has been delivered by the evil king. Let it fall where it is without another drop of hatred to sustain it.”


The look-alike man and bird discussed the consequence of the queen finding the black candle and lighting it. “What do you think?” said the beak nosed man with bird eye glasses. “I think that this revenge business is for the birds.” said the mighty whitey


The couple on the beach sat with their feet in the water. Everyone was talking about what the poor queen was planning to do as it would affect them all.

“Would you ever cast an evil spell on me?” asked the wet footed woman of the soak step man. “Are you kidding?” he continued, “I know hell hath no fury but does she know that the entire universe could be saved if she just forgives the evil king and let’s his curse just fade and fall from lack of energy?”


The angry queen finally found the magic shop where all the evil black candles were sold. All the fairies gathered as she entered and examined the beastly black wax stumps.

Angela, the fairy of the crystal balls was so frightened. She summoned all her powers and whispered out to the queen.

“Please do not double the evil with the reverse black candle spell. The woman who told you how to reverse the cast happens to make those candles and she’s always trying to get people to buy them for ANY reason.”


Daphne, fairy of the long quartz crystals also spoke up. “There is no winning with the evil King. Ignore the spell, give it no power or belief and it will drop like dust and be heard like noise. He wants you to react, he is provoking you to add your power to his to make him stronger. Turn the deaf ear my dear.”


But one fairy loved the idea of  lighting the candle in front of a mirror and risking the calm of the universe in exchange for untold chaos. She was Jezebel, the fairy of conflict. She would get the bees to sting and the snakes to bite. “Buy the candle young lady. Why should you have to absorb his hate. Just give it right back to him. Yeah… do it. Give it back to him exactly as he gave it to you.”


As the forest was up in arms with chatter, the Cougar cub just hung from her tree in her swing. “I like candles.” she said. “I like to chase their wick with my paw. I just hope that if she lights that nasty black candle no hunter will try to kill me.


Meanwhile, back in the village. Two elderly men in baseball caps stood against a wall, protecting themselves from the thought of the candle’s fall out.

The tall one said, “If she lights that black candle I’m going to get it right in the nuts. I always get kicked there.” The short one  replied, “I know what you mean, I always get my ass kicked. Jesus, I hope she doesn’t buy that candle. We’re all going to get it if she does.”


Throughout the forest and the village, the drums beat louder and louder. The animals chattered and people gossiped. Everyone was in fear of the queen buying the wicked black candle and changing the course of all their lives, thinking reversing the spell on the evil king was the right thing to do.

The village hired the local medicine woman to do her special dance so the queen will see the world for the good she can save rather than harm she could do.

To be continued…


7 thoughts on “WICK-ED

    • Hi Becky! I thought I stopped wondering about the workings of my mind. As a matter of fact I wondered the same thing after writing this piece. But there is no explanation as it sort of wrote itself, I just got out of the way for a change. Random pictures taken… some come out and some don’t … some get posted and some don’t and then they go up in random order and then if I’m lucky… I don’t think and just write.

      By the way… did you see the one prior… I was thinking about you and all your cool interior decor talent and what you would say about covering every inch of wall space.

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