Wouldn’t it be great to go metaphysical shopping? Like when you’re bored, go somewhere to purchase a thrill. Maybe the currency isn’t cash. Maybe nature is a bit like Plato’s ideal of everything belonging to everyone, and being priceless, it’s free to all who seek it out.

Wouldn’t it be great to go somewhere for intellectual, spiritual, emotional and physical repairs? Like taking your car into the mechanic to be made like new again. Can you imagine a place you can go, when your blood pressure races, when your ulcer burns orΒ  your depression kicks in? A place where previously incurable illness gets reset, enabling you to continue on with gratitude instead of lack. A place you can just go and sit and look out at it,Β  where anything that ails you is repaired. Sadness melts away like ice in the sun. Pain cools to a refreshing breeze then vanishes, troubles and stress are impossible to focus on and evaporate out of your mind leaving just the future euphoric.

Can you imagine a place where time stops and all of a sudden everyone becomes a brilliant prophet, spouting wisdom, feeling beyond the words and hearing unspoken truths. A place where it’s inconceivable to step outside the moment?

Last night, I returned to the Healing Store.

“Excuse me miss. I understand you’re having a sale on miraculous healing sunsets. Where do you keep the bathing beauties with the fishing poles and the bikes?”

“Oh yes. I almost forgot. Can you please point me in the direction of the two beautiful sisters hugging on the rocks. That’s always good to cure any loneliness or nostalgia.”

“Let’s see here. I just need a few more things. How bout one of the locals casting out the net over a school of fish, also coming in to watch the sunset. Do you have any of those?”

“I just need a dash of omnipotent control over the universe. Just a little to tide me over for the next couple of weeks. Could you kill a tree and make a bird fly in the exact shape of the top of the tree’s silhouette? Is that something you have on the shelf or do I need to special order one of those?”

“Oh yes. I almost forgot. I’m looking to set the sky on fire; from a distance of course. And if you could just cover up the sun for a second so it doesn’t blind me… I would be most grateful.”

“I can’t forget some doggie love. Even next to cathartic sunsets, nothing heals like a doggie. Yes, definitely. I would like a giant head of dog with my healing sunset please.”

“And, if you could wrap all that up as a gift, that would be great. My beautiful daughters and a few close friends and relatives are coming over next week and I’d like to share some of this with them.

Oh. One last thing. Once the sun completely sets, would you mind throwing in the never-ending soothing sound of big wet waves crashing onto the shore… if it’s not too much trouble?

Thank you so very much.”

10 thoughts on “THE HEALING STORE

  1. A beautiful post. It brought tears to my eyes, knowing that you can “see.” Please have a look at my Natural World posts and if you haven’t yet, and need to cleanse your mind, join me on a hike on Lake Earl Coastal Lagoon Trail.
    Loved this, truly. πŸ™‚

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