I had the opportunity to photograph some food this weekend and found it to be a delicious experience. I have a lot of friends who are professional food shooters and have always marveled over their talent, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

Ice Cream Sunday

Some dishes were easier to shoot than others. Also, apparently, hot food gets cold and cold food melts, so there is no dilly dallying when it comes to setting up the shot. As a matter of fact, some of these shots I grabbed in the kitchen of this restaurant, had to tolerate the chef yelling at me for holding up the delivery of his food.

Chocolate Cake

And of course, as a result of shooting the food, I had to get some of it and take it home. Naturally I lit some candles,  complimented it, flicked the slice a little with my tongue… and then, not being able to wait a minute longer,  I got naked and rubbed it all over my body in a fit of frenzied devour. This  chocolate cake made me so crazy, that I ate two pieces in my own private bliss.


Thought this was a good neutral shot. It could be used to represent fish or fowl. I guess when we don’t know what it looks like, we can always just say it looks like chicken.

Steak Tips

I wonder what the motives are when shooting food. Doggies, it’s catching their personality in action. With people, it seems it’s about capturing the essential truth within them, that which is closely guarded from being revealed. With food… I wonder if it’s about how juicy and delicious it can be made to look. Or maybe if it makes you hungry and want to go to this place to eat the food the way they make it. I’m sure I still have lots to learn.

3 thoughts on “EAT ME

  1. Hello Barry! Everything looks delicious, great photos.
    Thanks for following my blog “Exploring the World: photography, travel art”. Now I’m following your blog too.
    Kind greetings,

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