I was feeling bad that my blog writing was taking a back seat to my work writing, so I grabbed the machine gun and went out to see what I could capture. I walked around on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours and got lucky, as I walked down this back street. It had an alley leading to a ramp between some high bushes and an office building.

The offices were closed, the ramp was hidden and a couple of students/young ladies/homeless girls, were hiding/resting/smoking in this perfectly hidden, cool shady spot. I aimed and fired as the dog was giving his person some love. It’s been so long since I shared time with these animals, I almost forgot what it’s like to feel the surge of this kind of connection. Me and my dog Page are buddies and obviously, this kind of love does not discriminate in either direction.

I went up to them after I stole the image and talked a little bit. The dog was a very large, recently adopted, brown cow pattern canine and the girls were covered in torn clothes with holes in their shoes. They had strange rags as hair bands and dirty fingernails. They were way too mellow for this world. They explained that they had taken the dog to the public market, but it was too much excitement, so they wanted to find a quiet place “to just chill.”

I loved that the dog licked her face and she licked the dog back. I’d smooch my dog Page like that, were it not for me knowing how she licks her butt every chance she gets. I suppose I should be grateful that my dog has such a clean butt.

2 thoughts on “POOCH SMOOCH

  1. you should def let page give you kisses! That is how she is showing her affection, and by you not letting her, you’re denying her. Marley wasnt a kisser, and i always wished she was cause i felt like she didnt love me. Frank on the other hand is a very good kisser 😉

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