Long ago I had a dog named Ghost. He was a white dog that I adopted on Halloween in 1992; hence the name Ghost. Ten years and countless adventures later, he died of some weird kind of aggressive cancerous tumor in his face. Some bizarre lump appeared under his right eye, that grew to painful proportions which led to his messy demise.

I spent some mourning time wondering how this was my fault. Was it the food I fed him? Did he eat too much McDonalds, drink too much diet soda or smoke too many cigarettes? Did he not wear sunblock? It was a mystery that no one could explain. I hung my hat on poor genetics, though, now that I think about it, he was always licking his testicles, and I believe one of those had to go as well, due to cancer. A connection perhaps?

Fast forward 20 years to 2012. I adopt Page from the local Humane Society. Yeah yeah, I see the resemblance too. The point of the story, is that I don’t want what happened to Ghost to happen to Page. I think we might be ahead of the game because she has no landing gear like Ghost, so I imagine if I feed her filtered water and the best food, I might be responsible for her long healthy life.

Yesterday, I bought 11 days worth of food from my local all natural pet food pusher. It cost me $65.00. Now, I’m not claiming to be the smartest dude on the block, but this strikes me as being a bit expensive to maintain canine health. There was a time when I paid $14  for a 60 lb. bag of supermarket dog food that lasted months. I prided myself on getting Page the best dry food I could find; Acana out of Canada, which cost me $30 every two weeks. Now she, the dog food lady, says I was feeding Page from the bottom of the barrel, the lowest rung on the Organic ladder. Raw food in the morning and dehydrated food at night is the way to go. Something about it being less processed is the thinking.

This morning Page got her first raw defrosted pink patty of “Stella and Chewy’s, Duck Duck Goose Dinner.” And tonight she will get her first scoop of “ZiwiPeak’s Lamb Recipe Formula” fresh from New Zealand. I also supplement her diet with FortiFlora which is a digestive enzyme designed to help with her digestion. The lady at the store suggested I mix some warm water in with the Duck Duck Goose because it’s cold and raw and the doggies don’t like their food too cold.

Last night I had a some left over Dominos pizza for dinner. It tasted a bit like I would imagine a dish towel might taste after cleaning up some spilled tomato sauce on the counter.  Is it possible that some dogs will live a healthier happier life than some humans? Will Page like the raw Duck Duck Goose and the New Zealand Lamb better than the Canadian Acana  or the Paul Newman’s Organic Chicken? Are we to be marketed into a perpetual state of guilt for either not eating correctly ourselves, not feeding our pets correctly or spending too much or too little on good nutrition for both? Where is the peace and simplicity here?

Can someone smarter than me tell me what the latest truth is about dog food at least?

I suppose it’s possible that we as dog owners project our definition of healthy eating onto these beasts that will eat anything.


  1. Hey dad! I def agree that YOU and PAGE need to be eating healthy foods. You are what you eat…just take a look at what is in grocery store dog food…would you eat that? Gav told me this saying that he heard from someone…”dont eat something if you wouldnt feed it to your dog”…you wouldnt give your dog sugar would you? or pizza? pasta? I dont think that you need to be spending $65 every 11 days on dog food…just make sure that whatever she is eating doesnt have any un natural fillers or a lot of grain…you want her to mostly have healthy protein and fats…as well as you…Does this help at all? LOVE YOU!!!

  2. My dogs eat Orijen as their main course and lots of other foods like turkey, beef, chicken, even watermelon – human food. I heard a lot about frozen food and its goodness. But one of our friends feeds his dogs some cheap superstore variety, yet his dogs don’t complain. One of the dogs lived to 18 years and was healthy most of her life.

  3. LOL. Let’s see. At my house, Terrier 1 eats bird poop. Terrier 2 raids the bathroom trash can to eat used hygenic wipes. Terrier 1 licks his testicles. Terrier 2 licks his “pee-pee.” Neither dog, after 6-8 years of bad habits, has cancer, but both have seriously bad breath. I shudder at what a swab of their tongues would grow when smeared across the surface of a petri dish. Anything they contract I am not going to blame on their food!

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