Is difficult to share all the events of the weekend, but will at least share a couple of shots I grabbed that turned out fair.

Saturday morning, Page and I went to the dog park to wrestle in the dirt with bigger more slobbery dogs. I have endless pictures of that fuzzy pack motion, but other more interesting shots were taken and words heard. Page and I came home, I put her in the crate to rest and recuperate and off I went with the camera to the County Fair.

The shot above was of a young girl looking at which stuffed animal she wanted after her mom paid $30 or $40 to squirt into the Clown’s mouth and watch the balloon explode. I believe there was no prize there worth more than $6 at the most. Then the little girl found the one she wanted.

I love that expression on her face, as if she would make it for the rest of her life, when she sees something that she wants and in her mind the words play, “that’s it, that’s the one I want.” I’m sure she will use that same expression in picking out her mate, her engagement ring, the house she lives in… or maybe just a cup cake.

There were other little girls that were more concerned with feeding the animals, competing for who has the better goat, cow or flower. It was early in the day so the crowd was more about kids and families than the usual array of carnival gangs. But there were a few fringe people  here and there. Here’s a couple I grabbed from behind, just cause I’m a fan of the hand holding thing.

Also, there was a little roller coasters that had little kids on them. I used to be deathly afraid of roller coasters till I learned the secret. I know there is a life metaphor hiding in here somewhere, but the secret to appreciating a roller coaster and not fall prey to it’s terror is to let go and embrace the exhilarating thrill of it. I wish I would have learned this secret early in life… surrender, have faith, have fun and when it gets scary let go, smile and ride the ride like it was your choice to get on it.

There were also a few exceptional plants competing for which was prettier. I wondered how these things got judged. Nicer leafs? Brighter colors? I’m sure there is criteria.

Some plants just appealed to me because of their ordinary simplicity, round leaf, color or in contrast, their sharp pointy leaf and impossible geometry.

As much as I liked photographing the flowers, I loved capturing the baby animals sucking on rope. Have you ever sucked on rope? To me it’s not that appealing but Page likes it too.

Anyway, I was eager to share a glimpse of my Saturday. Sunday, Page and I went to the Dog Beach and I watched her play with a whole other group of dogs in the sand  by the gulf. I didn’t bring the camera for I wanted to watch her from a far as she learned to socialize and return.

Then, Sunday night, me and Page were almost home, and got ourselves into a nice little car accident.

I guess you can say Saturday was the Fair and Sunday ended up not being fair at all.

Ahhh… the roller coaster of life.

2 thoughts on “FAIR TO NOT FAIR

  1. As always, I “liked” this (loved it, really) for the words and photos. But not the car accident! I hope everyone involved is alright.

    I’m going to remember to let go next time shit gets scary and just yell, “Whoooooo!!!! Yeah!!” Thank you for sharing, Barry.

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