Sometimes when walking Page, strangers meet. The humans are merely the handlers of the animals and exist only to facilitate the social interaction between the animals. “This is Max”, one fellow shares. “What’s your dog’s name?”  “This is Page”, I said. He went on to introduce Max to Page. He and I both looked round, with mismatched over-sized T-Shirts and Tropical Shorts… both of us wore flip-flops and both of us did not meet, nor did we even attempt to sniff each other’s butts. I apologized to him as Page was bouncing around like Tigger and explained that she likes to play, to which he said the same about Max. Max pee’d and Page pee’d and we went our separate ways.

Along comes this wicked witch of the west looking lady with a King Charles Spaniel and a Cocker Spaniel. She was in a hurry to tell the world, “I’m sorry, my dogs do not play well with others, so we will stay on this side of the street, if that’s okay with you.” Both Page and I looked at each other and shrugged and stayed on our own side of the street. Page proceeded to do some business and I doodifully picked it up.

Have you ever thought about if people did the same about themselves? I don’t mean picking up another’s crap, though that happens plenty; I mean declaring their temperament. Can you imagine if we passed people on the street and upon eye contact they would say, “You don’t want to talk to me, I’m an asshole” or “don’t get too close, I’m afraid of strangers” or “I don’t like big people with short hair” or what ever. Maybe in a way, we do telegraph our preferences with our facial expressions or our actions. But just to be clear, maybe it would be better sometimes if those less social among us just said, “I don’t play well with others…” or “I’m a mean person” or “I’ll rip you off as soon as I can.” 

Maybe I’ll try that today. To those that look me in the eye upon passing, I will declare, “Hi. I’m silly and like cupcakes.”


  1. “You don’t want to talk to me, I’m an asshole.”

    That would be mine. Though, I have known people who wore their mental illness on their sleeves. It doesn’t so much serve as a warning for others as it seems to give them an excuse to continue with their assholery. Instead of actually trying to be a more decent human being.

    I’m gonna do like you and declare my love of cheesecake and weirdos from now on.

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