“Come on fellas, I know the red Airedale, I’ll introduce you.”

Ever wonder who is leading who? Ever wonder if at the time you want to follow someone else’s lead, if they are not wanting to follow yours? I’m on the verge of helping out a new client who is counting on me to show them the way, and at the same time I was waiting for them to let me know what they wanted me to do. I wonder if this happens in relationships with people as well. To take it a step further, I wonder how much of the time others just prefer to be led.

I watch young couples communicate and they do it right. One offers the lead but remains willing to follow. We all make so many decisions in the course of a day, sometimes it’s nice for another to take the lead. Is it an issue of masculine or feminine? Are there any less alpha females than alpha males in the pack?

When my dog Page enters a park full of big, mean looking mutts, man eaters and mongrels, she runs up to the biggest and toughest canine king, rolls over in front of him, lets him bite her neck, offers up her butt for him to sniff and then he proceeds to follow her where she leads.

I have lots of clients to help today, so I better get started… but first I gotta take Page for a walk. But if she walks in front me and I’m following behind, who’s walking who?

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