Large Man

In honor of Fat Tuesday, I was going to search out some shots I took in New Orleans a while back. But then stumbled across this photo I snapped in Lenox, Mass, at a completely different time. As I was trying to get focused on the Daily Write-ual… “Page”, the dog, started clawing me and whining and crying which meant I had to be disturbed and distracted and take her out.

We had our walk and she truly had some business to take care of outside. I didn’t expect such prolific excretions and did not have a poop bag handy, so I had to lose the waste sighting and get another bag, only to return in search of the fresh mound with the intent of removing the crap. Careful I was to not step in it, as is the cosmic metaphor for when you look for shit, you are always the one who steps in it. And naturally, I had trouble finding it, because I was already stepping in it. Years ago when I was constantly stepping in it… it really was phenomenal how much I stepped in, anyway, years ago, I thought it meant that I had to throw my shoes out. As a student of ancient literature and colleague to many chemists, I now know the cosmic truth; shit is water-soluble and easily just washes off. No disposal of valuable possessions necessary. Maybe some message can be extracted here. Step in it on Fat Tuesday so you can plan not to on Ash Wednesday.

New Orleans Jazz

Anyway, New Orleans is a great place to visit, with countless events and performances going on all the time and at every street corner. No reason to wait for Mardi Gras to get your dose of play and pray. Though the music and dancing is obviously festive above, I’m committed to pulling the images in, with a bit of emotion. It’s odd how a city known for celebration is also known for such disaster. Below, was the kind of markings found on buildings after Katrina. Police, Firefighters and volunteers would go from house to house, after the storm subsided, looking for those people and animals that did not survive the catastrophe. Those officials would mark the houses so others after them could know the building has been checked.

Katrina Check Marks

And as I got lost in that file of photos, I of course stumbled onto one of my favorite moments. Walking down the street in Manhattan, I just happened to cross the street and had my camera on and the sea of people in front of me parted to reveal this gift in my view.

Holding Hands

What a morning. I guess I just have to remember that no matter how much poop one steps in, it just washes off with water, be it a Tuesday a Wednesday or any ole day. One Yahoo discovered opinion suggested that Fat Tuesday has something to do with Flesh Festivities, and how large people used to dance and celebrate on this day. Another more credible authority says that Fat Tuesday is the last day those that observe, are allowed to eat meat or fat before Lent begins on Ash Wednesday.

Well, what ever. What it means to me is that it’s two days till my beautiful daughter will come for a visit. Another reason to celebrate on Thirsty Thursday.


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