So I entered a photo competition a few weeks back, and today is the opening reception.

When I installed the photos, I was pretty cocky, thinking that my stuff was the coolest and there wasn’t much criteria to go on anyway. They needed to be recent photos that portray light and reflection. I did the best I could to find out how else they would be judged, but alas, could find no new information. I called the gallery yesterday to find the outcome of the judging and learned that 40 applicants had submitted work to this little satellite gallery of the Ringling School of Art and Design, and of those 40, only a first, second and third place was awarded; I did not receive any award.

In a couple of hours, I will pick up my parents and we will drive to the gallery, but first meet my sister and her husband for lunch, down the street from the gallery. Over lunch we will all talk about this adventure of seeing my photos hung in a gallery and will judge why others were picked instead of mine. Then of course my mother will tell the story of how when I was in 4th grade, a silly painting I did got chosen to be hung in the gallery at the Lever Bros. House in Manhattan. It should be a pretty good field trip with the family.

Below are the photos I submitted. I thought they were a pretty good example of light and reflection, but apparently they were not good enough! Maybe they are just not emotional enough? Not enough dripping water on suicidal faces or something showing the atrocities of homeless people or yellow baby ducks covered with shiny black oil from the spill or a crying Indian in the prairie?

Shiny Nipple

^ In an effort to help my friend Dave, I documented some work that he was doing on complex curved plastic shapes. The coating he was working on was designed to maximize the reflectivity on the plastic. I told him we should shoot it in black sand so it would give that other world look to it. If this doesn’t say “light and reflection”, I don’t know what does. And maybe I don’t… yet.


^ Taken on a stroll in New Orleans, I caught this side view mirror on this pick up truck parked just outside the French Quarter. I sharpened it and pumped up the contrast and the black and whites. I like the way the antenna curves around the form. This sure looks like Light & Reflection to me!

Witch's Ball

^ Shot on a stroll in Saratoga Springs, New York, this Witch Ball was on display at an antique shop. The sun was setting and with all the shiny and rusty textures and colors, I thought it would make a good submission for Light and Reflection…no?

I really didn’t want to submit this one because I thought it was cliche’. Especially for a show located at a water front location. But I was encouraged by the ladies at the gallery, to include it, as the colors were a bit abstract for the usual sunset. You see the light? You see the reflection?

Nantucket Pie

Then this one was snapped in Nantucket on a rocky beach. The way the water was captured and reflected the sun and the shadows, I thought would for sure be a winner in any competition with a Light and Reflection theme; but apparently not.

Man o man, I guess I can win when it comes to how I see things, unless those same things are being judged by how others see things.

Hmmmm… note to self…

G'head. Say it.

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