Shoot Myself

Over the weekend, I suggested to someone that they shouldn’t have a mirror in their bedroom, facing back to them in the bed. I had heard it was poor Feng Shui. But then I wanted to research it a little more just to make sure I wasn’t dispensing erroneous info.

It turns out that it is indeed true, according the Feng Shui experts. Though my distorted bits and pieces of overheard trivia discombobulated together, jumbled the explanation to describe that the energy coming into the room, stops and tends to admire itself in the mirror. I then read more correctly, that it’s more the energy coming out of the person sleeping in the bed, that tends to bounce back at them rather than disburse into the universe. Not the best scenario if one is having a nightmare. The article I read went on to say that in addition to a properly placed mirror, no images of a negative nature should be hung on the walls. As a matter of fact, one should hang images of people, places and things that they aspire to be, go to or acquire. Which got me thinking, what kind of images would I hang on my walls if I could bring what and where I aspire be to, closer to me?

Living in paradise these days, makes it tough to think of a nicer location to arrive at, so that’s kind of out. I was gonna do the sunset thing, but it felt so redundant. I guess I better get some shots of my family up! Especially my beautiful daughters as I always aspire to be a better father. And, if one aspires to be able to wander around and just shoot pictures of everything and nothing, does one put a shot of themselves wandering, or shooting themselves or can everything and nothing be captured some other way? And how does one portray thyself as a wandering writer, writing about everything and nothing? Sounds like I need to do a little more reflecting on this…

G'head. Say it.

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