Cat ScanWhat does it all mean? What does it mean when I try to go to the Public Market and spend 45 minutes in the car trying to find a place to park, only to realize it is probably not meant to be? What does it mean when I enter a Pet Smart looking for a Nylabone only to get corralled by a Nutro Pet Food sales woman who kept talking and following me through the store, not realizing I wasn’t listening to her and kept walking away from her?

The day was odd in some ways and other ways wonderful. I was asked to photograph a Kiwanis Fund Raiser Luncheon and they kept thanking me but I kept thanking them for the opportunity to use my camera to shoot pictures. “Thank you!”… “No, Thank YOU!” Then, I go to a movie to see Meryl Streep as the Iron Lady, only to find myself with a ton of negative criticism about how the movie was structured. Who am I to critique they who have done it? Have I done it? No. But I think I know what would make it a better movie. Then, later that night, I had some dinner with friends and met a couple who are getting married after knowing each other four short months. Is it me? Or is one of the those two love birds not playing with a full nest?

Some days are just wonky and I wonder if anyone else wonders about the strange and bizarre twists of their day. I’m glad I got a chance to help some folks with the picture-taking; it served to accomplish my mission of the day which is usually to help another. But some days it’s hard to find the prize in the cracker jack box day.  Though there is always much to be grateful for in any given day, the best part of my day yesterday was catching this cat on the roof at night; it made me smile.

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