My TassleAll year long, while getting this advanced, accelerated, online, Masters Degree, there would always be an assignment to write about how one overcomes writer’s block. I would always chuckle to myself thinking, “what the hell are they talking about?” How does anyone ever run out of things to write about?

Well, this morning, dedicated to the daily write, I couldn’t think of one damn thing to write about. So here I am doing what I suggested to the others when they felt blocked, which is to just write about how they couldn’t write.

I can’t seem to think about anything to write about, when it comes to my cool new camera and lens that I actually slept with last  night, because it’s so damn sexy. I have nothing to say about my new puppy who endured me passing out at 8pm last night, forcing her to hold her pee for eleven hours, till I woke and drained her. I of course have nothing to write about when it comes to working my ass off for twelve solid months, only to get graduated yesterday; it’s now just done.

If I did have any ability to write this morning, it would probably be about my daughters’ weddings, both coming up this year, in the next five to seven months. If I could write, and didn’t have this blockage this morning, I’d write about a sense of accomplishment I feel or how I seem to be searching for the next level or challenge, now that I’ve gotten this far. If I could, I might write about the wonderful and bizarre road trip we took yesterday, to get to the graduation, and the bizarre metaphor of watching my parents and sister sitting in the back seat, seen in my rear view mirror, while I drove forward. I could write about how I learned yesterday, at my graduation that one of my writing professors wishes she could write! It turns out that she is more a reviewer and promoter of writers than one who actually writes. Like Simon Cowell of American Idol fame, doesn’t sing but knows a good singer when he hears one.

If I was less blocked, I’d write about the strange feeling of actually meeting my classmates in person. Those who have existed deep in my mind after reading their words for the past year. Or maybe I’d write about how I was in a bit of shock receiving my degree, and was barely conscious while walking across the stage; it all just seemed so dreamy, like attending a virtual online class, it seemed like I shouldn’t need my physical body to graduate either.

Nah, I got nothing to write about this morning. Sorry.

4 thoughts on “WRITERS BLOCK-HEAD

      • Check your FS mail – there’s one from Thursday that provides links for the photos (they said they’ll be available in 3 – 4 days), and the ceremony will be on iTunes in 3 – 4 weeks. You can view previous ceremonies in the iTunes store – go to iTunes U, pick Universities and Colleges, choose FS from the list, then there’s a category for graduations. I watched a bunch of them when I was trying to come up with a speech.

  1. you sure write the hell outta writing about nothing. this blog you’ve written about nothing seems like something i would write when i write about nothing. except, i don’t have a dog or a cool new camera and lens. but if i did, i’d probably write about sleeping with it and making my dog hold its pee. you now, like you did. yup, i’d swear i i have writer’s block, then sit down and push something out eloquently and as a matter of fact. ah, but it’s writer’s block disguised as nothing, right? and i’d spill my family metaphors and weddings and me, mastering something–like creative writing, all over th white. i’d make a mockery of th writer’s block, without even trying, see. so by the end of the last sentence of the last paragraph i will have nothing into something. ya know, like you did. 🙂

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