A few weeks back, my dad went into a local restaurant and asked for the manager. He told the manager that his son has just moved into town and he (I) can really help the restaurant with their advertising and promotion.”It’s what he does,” my dad boasted, “he’s great at it.” Dad called me later that day, eager to tell me he met with the manager of the restaurant, who told him about the marketing director, Carol and then he gave me her phone number at the corporate office.

Tonight I went into the restaurant to have a burger and a beer. I had to catch up on all my urgent tasks in my day planner while I sat at the bar and ate my french fries with my hands. There were a couple of ladies at the bar right next to me; business women, friends, having some wine and catching up. Meantime I drank my New Castle and ate my Bacon Cheddar Burger and kept dipping my fries in the ketchup with my fingers as I updated my day planner. There was that damn entry from weeks ago about Carol, the manager at Square 1 and how I needed to call her.

As I sat next to these ladies, focused on my own shit, I couldn’t help but overhearing how one was pitching and the other catching. The one pitching was talking about all the media in the area and the media sales reps. The one catching looked like she had logo on her shirt that vaguely resembled the Square 1 logo. As I listened they talked more and more about advertising and marketing and that’s when I suspected that I had been served up a side of Serendipity with my Burger and Fries.

As they got ready to leave and as I paid the check, I interrupted them and slid my my day planner over to her, to show her my task of calling the woman named Carol from Square 1. She looked at me and said, “that’s me!”

We exchanged cards and went our separate ways. I got back into my car and drove home not really thinking much about the astounding coincidences and confluences that are a constant in my life.

4 thoughts on “SERENDIPITY

  1. i love it barry. isn’t it nice though, to get your own dose of synchronicity served up with fries, a burger and a beer? great story. keep writing and i’ll keep reading. peace!

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